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App available for Android Phone.

iphone and windows will be available in future.

How it Works

Wind power needs communication

Wind turbine and wind farm operators require a high-performance communication infrastructure to manage all system components continuously. But what about the communication network itself?

Connect with Turbine

Communicate with Cloud

Access Anywhere

Rely on our many years of experience and our leadership role in the development, planning, and implementation of future-proof communication networks with the knowledge that they form an essential prerequisite for lastingly improving your communication.

Key Features

All- Inclusive Remote Monitoring Managememt

Quick Guide

It focuses on the most common instructions with easy-to-understand illustrations.

Detailed Reports and Service Level Agreements

On-demand report where you can review the SLA status of a single device over a period that you specify.

Actionable Dashboards

It can help inform better decision making at every level.

Immediate Data Availability

How often your data is available to be used, whether by your own organization.

Deploy in Any Server

Deploying on a Web server, so that it can be used either through the Internet or an intranet.

Centralized Log Monitoring and Management

All of your log data and pushes it to one central, accessible, and easy-to-use interface.

Alert Protection

Real-Time reporting to first responders and facility staff.


Any Person can install and configure.

In-depth Roles and Permissions

Roles are for giving certain permissions to various types of users.

Server Maintenance

Our Team will taking care of your server, so that you can operate smoothly.

Quick Installation & Training

Our experts from Devazo offer Installation and the right training for you - direct trainings,online or virtually.


Support (DOS-Devazo Online Support)

In case of an emergency, Devazo offer you a wide range of services - by phone and online, anytime and anywhere with online support, technical support.


Services & AMC

The Spare Parts Services from Devazo are available and ensure a smooth and fast delivery of spare parts - and optimal system availability.



It's very Easy and quick guide will be given with do and don'ts

No, We have specific Makes only. if you give the time, we will communicate the wind turbines and get the data and connect.

No, Shared Hosting is Enough. It differs from no.of wind turbines.

N Number of machines can connect, we can group the machines area wise and HTSC Wise


App available for Android Phone.

Iphone app will be available in the Future

Android App OnGoogle Play