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Define Problem:

This ensures that consultants and clients are on the same page and answering the same question.

Structure the Problem:

Consider all the factors that could possibly be influencing the situation and then structure the problem into categories.

Prioritize Issues:

Identify the issues that are the most important. This saves time by not considering aspects that are not relevant.

Conduct Analysis:

More tailored and depends on the project
Answer the question, �What do I need to do to find the facts to answer the question?�

Analysis Plan and Work Plan:

Analysis Plan � This is directly related to the way the problem is structured. The way the problem is broken up will become the work modules.
Work Planning � This involves breaking down the project into steps with specifics deadlines and allocating people to do the different tasks.

Synthesize Findings:

Answer the question, �What do all the findings mean for the client?�
A good consultant is able to synthesize all the evidence and tell the client very clearly what was found and what they should do
This is the �so what� question

About our process

Analyze a company's system and determine how to use software to make processes more efficient. Provide technical support and troubleshooting services for clients.